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We go beyond price per gallon!

Installation & Service

We install & service almost anything that operates on propane gas.
After an initial phone call to evaluate your needs and requests we would schedule a visit to your home or business. There is no charge for this initial visit. For a new installation we need to consider tank size & placement.

Tank size is determined by 2 main factors:

  1. How many gallons will be used/year.
  2. Accessibility to the site.

Tanks range in size from 60 to 1000 gallons and can be installed above ground or underground.
The smaller size tanks (60-120) can be installed right next to a structure. The larger tanks (250-1000) must be at least 10 feet from any structure. All tanks regardless of size must also be at least 10 ft from a source of ignition. Last, but of most importance (especially to our drivers) is the distance the tank is located from where our delivery truck can safely park & deliver your propane. Our trucks have approximately 100 ft of delivery hose so we try to place the tanks within 75 ft of a safe parking location. The 25-ft allowance helps us deal with winter conditions, parked cars and other obstacles. We also understand that not everyone appreciates the beauty of a propane tank as much as we do, so we do our best to find a tank location that is both safe & as aesthetically pleasing as possible to you the customer.

For installations where the tank is located 10 ft or more from the building, a high-pressure (10lbs-psi) underground gas line is run from the tank to the building.

The high-pressure underground gas line is made of polyethylene plastic and must be buried at least 18" below grade. The line can be run up to 500 ft as long as it is sized correctly, of course, the further the distance, the more costly the installation.

Once the gas line is to the building, or if the tank is located directly next to the building, the inside gas line must be run to the gas appliance. Inside gas lines run at low pressure (11" W.C.) and can be copper, steel or flexible stainless steel. The materials used depend upon the particular installation.

We sell, install and service furnaces, boilers, water heaters, ranges, dryers, decorative gas space heaters and much more.. For any installation, the homeowner or responsible person should be present when we make the final connections so we can explain how the system and its safety features are properly operated. There is also paperwork that needs to be signed to acknowledge customer satisfaction and document proper knowledge of the propane system to ensure safe operation. For a service call we do not need someone to be present, but we do need access to the entire premises so that we can put the system back in operation if we have to shut it down.
Our service personnel are knowledgeable, well trained and courteous to ensure that your experience with our company is a pleasant one.

Please give us a call for further details or to schedule an appointment.